Huge and heavy bearing, this hybrid starts to produce early in the season and just does not stop yielding record breaking fruits that can reach 1½ -2 pounds.  The solid and meaty flesh with very few seeds has an intense flavor that is perfect for burgers. Resistant to cracking, and many diseases, this is a must have in any garden.  For best results stake or cage so the plant can support the weight of it’s massive fruits. Indeterminate.


Better Boy

Better Boy is a midseason variety that produces high yields of smooth textured fruit with excellent flavor continuously all season. The plump, juicy, deep red tomatoes with flesh that’s juicy, yet firm weigh 8-16 ounces. Heavy dense foliage cover protects fruits so they are less likely to get sun scald.  Perfect slicing tomato you only need one slice for a hamburger or sandwich. Indeterminate.

Big Beef

aasAll America Selections Winner
This is a great beefsteak tomato with old-time tomato flavor. The nice red firm 4–6 inch, globe shaped tomatoes ripen early. Extra heavy yields of 10-12 ounce crack resistant fruit have a wonderfully sweet, slightly acid flavor and plants produce over a long period.  These giants slice up perfectly for big sandwiches. Fruit stays large even at the end of a long harvest season.  Indeterminate  Disease Resistant: VFFNTAStL

Big Boy

One of the most popular varieties grown by home gardeners Big Boy is a very vigorous plant with heavy foliage and produces large firm, smooth fruit.  The bright red, meaty tomatoes average 10 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more.  Crack resistant and full of flavor it has been a favorite since its introduction in 1949. Indeterminate


A pink, potato-leaf, Amish variety from the 1880’s named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Brandywine is a tomato that found its way into the Seed Savers Exchange collection in 1982. It is probably the first heirloom to achieve "cult status" within the growing popularity of heirloom tomatoes.  Fruits are reddish-pink, with light, creamy flesh that average 12 ounces but can grow to 2 pounds. The fruits have a very large beefsteak shape and grow on unusually upright, potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late

Brandywine Red

Brandywine is one of the best known heirloom tomato varieties.  Reportedly it is an old Amish heirloom, dating back to 1885 and named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  This red variety is disease tolerant and is a regular leaf plant. Fruits are red, globe shaped, and full of flavor.  The medium to medium large fruit has some slight ribbing and is fairly crack tolerant. It is uniform in ripening with consistently high yields and well balanced fine flavor.
Disease tolerant Indeterminate 

Bush Champion

Bush Champion’ is the determinate form of the popular vine tomato ‘Champion’. An exceptionally early, round fruit on compact plant, this special variety was developed to honor Ball Seed Company's 100th year anniversary. While the compact plants grow only 24 inches tall, they yield plenty of big, meaty tomatoes that weigh in at 8 to 12 ounces. Their flavor is excellent, and the plants thrive in almost any type of climate. A great selection for large containers or small space gardens they can be grown staked or left to trail.

Bush Early Girl

'Little sister' to Early Girl, this variety will surprise you with its huge yields on such small plants.  Self supporting plants only grow 18-24 inches tall but they still produces extra large, extra early tomatoes.   The tasty red fruit is nearly 4 inches across with firm texture and blemish-resistant skin.  6 to 7 oz. fruit is larger than that of Early Girl and has a good flavor.
Determinate. Multiple disease resistances


Bush Goliath

A great tomato variety to grow in a container Bush Goliath has been specially developed for limited garden space or pots.  This is a great choice for a Patio tomato.  The attractive, compact plants only grow to about 3-1/2 ft. tall. Flavorful, sweet, red, 3 to 4" fruits are produced continuously until frost. Cage or stake because the branches can be so heavily laden with large tomatoes that they need the support to keep from breaking.
Determinate. Disease Resistant: Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, and Nematodes


aasAll America Selections Winner
An all purpose tomato that grows on exceptionally strong plants.  The medium-large (7-8 ounce), 3 ½” globe shaped fruits are firm, smooth, deep red and exceptionally flavorful.  Celebrity is a good choice for slicing, making sauces and salsa or preserving. This AAS winner starts producing early-mid summer on strong vines.  Plant produces high yields of 8 ounce tomatoes all season long until frost. Determinate


Cherokee Purple

This old heirloom variety from Tennessee is extremely productive and has a very rich tomato flavor. Given to heirloom tomato collector Craig LeHoullier by J. D. Green of Tennessee, it is at least 100 years old and was reported as originally grown by the Cherokee Indians. The fruits are large (twelve to sixteen ounces), dark pink with darker purple shoulders.  Sometimes called a 'black' tomato, the color carries though to the flesh, especially at the stem end. It has an excellent complex flavor, slight sweet after taste. This is a perfect slicing tomato for tomato sandwiches.

Cherry Juliet

Juliet is an award-winning variety with heavy yields of sweet 1 ounce oblong fruits. The glossy red, 1 inch long grape-like fruit are produced in large clusters like grapes on long vigorous vines. Tomatoes are very sweet and perfect for salads. Excellent disease resistance and will withstand cracking.  Indeterminate

Cherry Sweet 100

Outstanding tomato for containers! Small round fruits are produced in long clusters of up to 100. The 1 inch tomatoes weighing about 1 oz. each grow on strong disease resistant vines. These bite size cherry tomatoes are super sweet and extra high in Vitamin C.  The plants bear fruit throughout the season and require staking or caging.  Indeterminate. Disease tolerant VF

Christmas Grape

A treat right from the garden these grape shaped brilliant red tomatoes are very sweet and tasty.  The tomatoes grow in clusters of 10-20 fruits on very productive plants right up to frost.  The firm texture and super sweet flavor makes this tomato a great addition to salads or enjoyed as a finger food snack.    Indeterminate


Early Girl

Early Girl is one the earliest tomatoes to set fruit and produces all summer. It’s hard to find tasty, full-sized tomatoes like this extra-early in the season.  These 4- to 6-ounce red fruits are slightly flattened and bright crimson throughout.  Early Girl tomatoes are appealing, with firm texture and blemish-resistant skin. Plants are very heavy-bearing and vigorous.  Stake or cage for best results.  Indeterminate  Disease Resistant: VFF.


Grape Sweet Olive

This sweet, bright red, bite size, grape-plum style tomato has outstanding texture and is bursting with a sweet-tart flavor.  The distinct, glossy, deep red, oval shaped fruit come early in large bunches and make the perfect snack.   This medium sized, compact plant thrives in containers or in the garden and should be staked or caged for best results.  This easy to grow grape, is perfect for the beginning gardener, it is very resistant and tolerates heat. Determinate

Health Kick

Vigorous plants produces good yields of very flavorful extra large plum shaped tomatoes. The 4 oz fruits are flavorful, meaty and good for making sauces and pastes. The bright red color of Healthkick is due to its high percentage of the antioxidant lycopene, this variety has 50% more lycopene  than other tomato varieties.  A great producing plant it sets loads of fruit under average growing conditions. Determinate  Disease Resistant: VFFA, Spotted Wilt, Bacterial Speck

La Roma

The most well-known paste-type tomato it is used for making sauces, paste, tomato juice, ketchup or for eating fresh. The very thick, juicy, bright red pear shape 2 1⁄2 - 3" fruit with meaty interiors grow on a strong semi bush plant.  Tomatoes are flavorful and have very few seeds. La Roma is a heavy producer. VF Resistant.    Determinate.

Lemon Boy

Plant produces good yields of large, delicious, 8 oz bright lemon yellow tomatoes Lemon Boy has an amazing sweet, mild and tangy flavor.  Mild low acid flavor is great for those that can't eat red tomatoes.  Extremely vigorous plants produce large harvests of attractive fruit. This 3-4 inch tomato has intense yellow color inside and out, and adds a unique flavor and color to your favorite tomato dish. Be sure to pick before they get over ripe, they can get mushy if left on the vine too long. Indeterminate. Disease Resistant: VFN **

Mortgage Lifter

A well known heirloom Mortgage Lifter was bred in the 1930s by Radiator Charlie the owner of a radiator repair shop that was facing bankruptcy. He had no plant breeding experience, yet he cross-bred 4 Varieties to develop this big, tasty tomato. He sold 1000 plants at $1 each over six years and paid off his mortgage. Fruits of Mortgage Lifter can average 2-1/2 Lbs. and may reach 4lbs when grown well. These large, slightly flattened, pink-red tomatoes are meaty and flavorful with few seeds. Plants are very productive and disease-resistant, and continue to bear until frost.

Pink Girl

This tomato produces large quantities of large, juicy, 8 oz. pink tomatoes with mild flavor and good crack resistance. Loaded with vitamin C, the smooth fruits have a very mellow and pleasant taste with just the right amount of sweetness.  This is a vigorous variety that will continue to produce throughout the summer. Its rich flavor and superior quality in a disease resistant variety make it a favorite in the pink tomato family.
Indeterminate Disease resistance   VFT

Rutger's Select

Attractive, old-time favorite Rutgers was originally introduced in 1934.  Plant produces good yields of heavy walled 7 oz size bright red tomatoes that ripen evenly from inside out.  Tomatoes have full-bodied flavor and average six ounces, are globular, slightly flattened with smooth, thick walls that are crack resistant.  Rutgers is an all purpose tomato. Good for slicing and cooking it’s also excellent for sauce and paste. Rutgers is also a good variety for canning or freezing.
Determinate Resistant: VFASt. 


An extremely early and cold tolerant tomato from Czechoslovakia Stupice has become a garden favorite for its productivity and wonderful taste. Potato-leaf, four foot tall plants are loaded with 2½ inch by two inch diameter, 1 to 2 oz. fruits borne in clusters. Fruits are sugary sweet and juicy. In test gardens plants produced an average of 87 fruits per plant. Heavy yields all season.

Sun Sugar

Plant produces heavy yields of very flavorful, juicy, thin skinned crack resistant cherry tomatoes.  The vigorous vines produce hundreds of ½ oz. fruit all season.  The tomatoes grow in clusters and turn orange when mature. Incredibly sweet, Sun Sugar has a brix reading of 10, about as high as you can go. Indeterminate  Resistant to Fusarium Wilt


These big, juicy, crack-resistant tomatoes, 4 inches or more across, ripen uniformly even when the weather is overcast. Whopper tomatoes keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost.  Wonderful fresh tomato flavor is great in salads. The flesh is meaty and a single slice is all you need on a burger or BLT.   For best results stake or cage the plant.
Indeterminate Resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Root Knot Nematodes, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and 2 strains of Fusarium Wilt

Window Box Roma

The compact size of this plant was specifically bred to grow in pots and to produce yield after yield of wonderful, sweet, 2-3 ounce, red Roma shaped tomatoes. Great eaten fresh the superb flavor of the small fruits also makes them excellent for cooking in sauces or homemade tomato paste. Determinate Disease Resistant: V, F2, N, St, bacterial speck.

Wisconsin 55

Bred by the University of Wisconsin in the 1940s, this is a great slicing tomato with lots of sweetness. Midseason plants produce good yields of large 6- 8 ounce deep red fruits that ripen evenly.  Strong skin resists shoulder crack and the solid flesh has superb flavor. Indeterminate   Resistant to Blossom End Rot, Early Blight and Leaf Spot