Blue Lake Bush Bean

These 16 inch semi-erect plants bear a uniformly maturing crop all season long.  Blue Lake produces plump, round, tender dark green beans that are about 6 inches long.  The meaty string-less pods are a good source of vitamins A and C, iron and calcium.  Equally great flavor whether used fresh or frozen.  For best flavor pick early in the morning after the leaves are dry.  Pick beans continuously during the season to prolong their production.


Broccoli - Premium Crop

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This is an excellent long lasting variety that holds its mild flavor when hot, dry weather causes others to taste "strong" or bitter. Tall, upright plant produces large 9" bright blue-green heads.  For best flavor, cook broccoli only until tender.  A good variety for freezing.



Discovery Cabbage

Flavorful 3-4 pounds heads are perfect for steaming and serving with a little butter and salt and pepper.  This smaller cabbage head has better flavor and can stay in the garden longer without splitting.  Harvest by cutting the head at ground level as soon as it feels solid.  Smaller heads may grow from the remaining leaves and stems.


O.S. Cross Cabbage

OS stands for oversized and this cabbage lives up to its name. A very large, rounded flat head cabbage it is  perfect for making sauerkraut or coleslaw. High-quality, bolt-resistant F-1 hybrid this heat resistant variety it is often grown as a mid to late season cabbage.

Ruby Perfection Cabbage

Attractive, deep red heads  are medium sized, dense and have a uniform high round shape.  The 3 pound heads have great flavor and are slow to burst.  Very flavorful and crisp, the red color enhances any salad or slaw.  Harvest when the head is firm and brightly colored.  Plant may form smaller side heads after the main head is harvested. 



Snow Crown Cauliflower

Mild and sweet tasting and a rapid grower, Snow Crown is an easy to grow, early cauliflower variety. Smooth pure white heads average 7-8 inches and 2 pounds. This variety maintains its prime eating quality for up to 10 days in the garden. Great for eating fresh and freezes well.


Burpless Cucumber

Superior flavor, jumbo sized, and burpless too, Burpless are slender 12-15" long dark green slicing type cucumbers.  8 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide, with  bright white flesh that is extra crisp and mild.  The large size, sweet flavor and excellent disease resistance combine to make this the finest cucumber you'll ever grow. They are uniformly straight and smooth. Grow on a fence or trellis for easy harvest.  

A long, tapered, juicy completely burpless cucumber 8 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide, with a sweet, crispy flavor!  Having no bitter taste this very productive variety  sets fruit sooner than other slicing cucumbers.  For longer, straighter fruit and to save garden space, grow them in a cage or on a trellis, allowing 1 foot between plants.

Bush Pickle Cucumber

Bush Pickle is great if you want to make pickles but have limited space. Instead of a sprawling vine, these cucumbers are produced on compact, bushy plants making them especially good for small gardens or containers. The plants measure only 3 feet in diameter at maturity yet they produce a large crop of 4-5 inch pickles. Pick fruit often and for best flavor do not permit them to grow too large. Pick pickles smaller for gherkins. The cool mild flavor of these pickles also makes them a good choice for slicing and using in salads.

Fan Fare Cucumber

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The compact, semi-dwarf plant saves space in the garden making Fanfare great for gardens with limited space.  Heavy yielding it produces quality fruit over a long period of time.  Straight, slender dark green 8 - 9 inches long uniform cucumbers are great for salads.  Tolerant to all major diseases including powdery and downy mildew, scab, and cucumber mosaic

Mathilde Cucumber

These early little blocky, green cucumbers with black spines are just the right size for use as pickles. Harvest when the cucumbers are 2 to 6 inches long, don’t allow to over-mature and become yellow. Productive vines will produces heavy yields of tasty cucumbers. Resistant to Cucumber mosaic virus, Cladosporium and Powdery mildew, tolerant to Downy mildew

Straight Eight Cucumber

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An older variety of slicing cucumber, this heirloom variety is still very popular in home gardens.  It matures early and bears fruit abundantly, producing smooth, straight 8 inch long cucumbers. The vigorous and productive plants yield dark green, uniform 2 1/2 inches across cucumbers with a small seed cavity and crisp, fine-grained flesh.  Grow on a fence or trellis straight cukes and easy harvest. 


Black Beauty Eggplant

A great variety this is a dependable, larger fruited and traditional purple eggplant. Black Beauty produces very attractive 1-3 pound fruit that keeps well and has excellent flavor. This variety has been a popular favorite for 100 years. Start harvesting when the eggplants are 4-5 inches long. The skin should be shiny; dull skin is a sign that the eggplant is overripe.

Tip: Use a sharp knife and cut the eggplant from the plant, leaving at least 1 inch of stem attached to the fruit.  

Dusky Eggplant

Dusky is an early oval hybrid with skin that is almost jet-black in color.  It produces medium-sized great flavored fruits which can be harvested at 3-5 inches or left on the plant until 10-12 inches. Keeping young fruits picked will give you a continuous harvest until frost. A great choice for a container garden.  Tolerance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Hansel Eggplant

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Compact-only about 3' tall and slight less than 3' in width this is a great plant for containers and small gardens. It produces clusters of three to six long, slender glossy dark purple eggplants that are nearly seedless. Ready to pick when about 3" long, also good at 5",7" or 10”.  Even at the larger sizes the fruit retains a tender skin and has few seeds. 

Ichiban Eggplant

Deep purple and almost black, with wonderful, mild flavor, Ichiban adds interest to the garden as well entrees.  Long and slender fruits are outstanding in stir fries, oriental dishes and are great for grilling, or roasting to add to a vegetable platter.  Attractive plants of Asian origin, Ichiban yields a 10 inch fruit with a thinner skin than regular types of eggplant.  This is an excellent choice for the home garden for looks and taste.


Grand Duke Kohlrabi

Perhaps the hardiest of garden vegetables, it will grow long after your other garden vegetables have succumbed to the cold and frost.  Kohlrabi produces a bulb above the ground that swells into this tender, sweet tasting vegetable. Harvest when about 4 inches. The mild sweet cabbage like flavor and crisp texture is great steamed or sautéed.


Buttercrunch Lettuce

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Butter Crunch lettuce is easy to grow and has a delicious buttery flavor.  Crisp and tender with thick green leaves and small, tight soft heads that are creamy yellow inside.  A compact butterhead-type it is productive, heat tolerant and slow to bolt. Buttercrunch maintains its sweetness well even when grown in the heat of summer.



The delicious peach colored flesh of Ambrosia is different from any other melon. It looks and tastes similar to a regular cantaloupe but has a more fragrant aroma and a terrific sweet distinct flavor. The 4-5 pound melons are creamy tan outside and are 6 inches across with a heavy netting and light sutures. Thick, firm, flesh is delicious right down to the rind. Plants produce round cantaloupes that weigh 4-5 pounds each.
Disease Resistant: Powdery and Downy Mildews


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This sweetly fragrant, juicy, absolutely succulent white fleshed melon with smooth skin turns a bright golden yellow when ripe.  The 2 to 3 pound round melon has a small seed cavity giving you a few extra bites in every fruit. The vigorous spreading vines need 6 feet of garden space or train the vine to grow on a trellis to save space in a small garden.

Honeydew Morning Ice

Perfect size and quality Morning Ice sets the standard for size and early maturity.  The strong vines produce excellent yields of slightly oval, smooth melons that avg. 6-8 lbs. They are light green inside and out, smooth and firm.  The seed cavity is small so you get lots of crisp, dense, super sweet flesh. A breakfast delicacy and a great addition to cool summer salads. Keeps better than most other large melons

Fastbreak - Muskmelon

Outstanding flavor, high yielding, early ripening, disease resistant--this orange fleshed super-sweet cantaloupe has it all. Fruits are coarsely netted and ribbed and average 3- 4 pounds each. The 5-6 inch diameter melons have thick, sweet, flavorful flesh. The vines spread to about 10 feet in diameter so give these melons room to grow.


Sweet Spanish Onion

Popular large golden-brown skinned onion with crisp white flesh and a tempting mild sweet flavor. The uniform large globe shaped bulbs can grow up to 2 pounds. Pull young onions for bunching.  When the onion tops yellow and  fall over pull out the onions and put in a dry, airy place to cure. Pungent and highly flavorful it’s a great onion for burgers, sandwiches and onion rings. 


Sugar Snap Pea

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Plant produces heavy yields of flavorful 3" long snap peas on 6 foot tall vines that require the support of a trellis. To save space, sow in double rows 3 in. apart with 2 1/2-3 ft. of space between double rows. The plump, dark green pods are exceptionally sweet and crunchy, excellent cooked or raw.  Good to freeze harvest and freeze right after harvesting when the pods are plump and crisp.



These low growing bushy plants are as fun to grow as they are to eat.  Peanuts have clover-like foliage and small yellow pea like flowers.  The plant produces legumes just below the surface, about 30-60 peanuts shells per plant.  The plants thrive in loose well drained soil and grow best when planted several inches deep in elevated mounds or rows that provide good drainage.   Harvest when the foliage begins to yellow in late summer to early autumn.  Carefully dig up the plant, shake off loose soil and hang plant in a warm dry location for 1-2 weeks.  Then pull the peanuts off the plants and air dry the peanuts for an additional 1-2 weeks.  Peanuts should not be eaten until well dried.


Bell Boy

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A great blocky shape pepper perfect for stuffing that can be picked green or red.  Early, sweet bell 4 1/2”x 3 3/4” fruits are thick walled and mostly 4 lobed. Glossy, green fruits mature to dark red and have crispy, thick walls that increase in sweetness as they mature.
The Bell Boy is a very sturdy plant and is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.

Better Belle

This is a beautiful, 4 inch, blocky, 3-4 lobed pepper. The skin is smooth, the flesh is thick and the pepper is crisp!  This pepper is large, sweet and a beautiful glossy green.  Leave it on the vine and it matures to a bright red. Pick red or green, it is a great addition to salad or vegetable platter. Better Belle is a heavy producer and very disease resistant. Great for roasting!

Big Bertha

Plant produces good yields of 7" long by 4" wide sweet peppers. Glossy green bells, thick-walled, firm can weigh about to one pound each. These peppers are tender and great for stuffing and roasting.  Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Chop a few into salads to add color and texture.  Impress your neighbors by growing this giant pepper!

Blushing Beauty

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An amazing pepper that starts out ivory white, then brighten to a soft gold with a red dusting, deepening to a glossy orange red and finally darkening to a bright red when mature. Picked at any stage they are delicious. The 4 inch x 4 inch fruits are thick and extra sweet. A very productive and very easy to grow pepper.

California Wonder

This old time favorite produces large bell type peppers that have a sweet flavor with thick tasty crisp flesh.  These popular blocky, green peppers can grow to 4x4". Very crisp and crunchy, with the classic bell pepper flavor! Fruits are usually used when green but will ripen to red. Plants tend to bear over a long season, resulting in harvests throughout the summer. One of the best tasting sweet bell peppers.


A very popular medium hot pepper Cayenne has an interesting flavor makes them popular fresh, cooked or pickled.  The long tapered peppers, 6-8 inches long, start green and turn red at maturity.  Pencil thin Cayenne peppers are most commonly used fresh in hot sauces and chilies. They provide heat to  any dish you want to turn up the temperature on. They can be dried and ground to make cayenne pepper.  Add  some Cayenne flakes to give a nice flavor to oil or vinegar.  Dry a string of these wonderful peppers to use as an attractive decoration.
Tip: When harvesting these peppers, always wear gloves and be sure to wash your hands immediately after handling them.

Fat N' Sassy

This extra early variety is thick walled and very sweet. Plant produces good yields of huge 4 ½" long by 4 ½" wide sweet bell peppers. Large and blocky peppers turn from green to bright red early in the season.  The size and shape of this blocky pepper make it a good choice for your favorite stuffed pepper recipe. Abundant fruit with great sweet flavor makes this a perfect pepper plant for your garden.    

Garden Salsa

Just the right amount of heat to make it one of the best chili peppers for Mexican salsas.  Garden Salsa was developed for salsa and sauces and grows to 8- 9 inches, with glossy green skin that will turn red if left on the plant.  It is best picked green for salsa. Resistance   Tobacco Mosaic Virus.


One of the world's Hottest Peppers! Reportedly 1,000 times hotter than Jalapeno, Habanero reaches 215,000-300,000 Scovilles of heat! Thin walled peppers 1-2 1/2 inches long, 1-2 inches in diameter, with wrinkled light green flesh. The lantern-shaped, round or oblong pods ripen to a lovely golden orange.  In addition to heat Habanero has a delicious, pungent, smoky quality. This flavor and aroma add great flavor to sauces and salsas.
Remember to wear gloves when handling them to avoid transferring that heat to your eye!

Hole Mole

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 A MUST in the garden for mole sauce and other Mexican cuisine the long, tapered, thick walled, slender 7 to 9 inches long peppers are said to have a nutty, tangy flavor and are mildy hot, (700 Scovilles) Harvest them while they are green or let mature to a chocolate brown color.  Compact enough to tuck among the tomatoes or even to grow in containers! 

Hungarian Hot

Plant produces good yields of 8" long, tapered hot peppers. The Hungarian Hot pepper tapers to a rounded point and averages about 6 inches in length and is about 1 1/2 inches wide.  
They turn from light green, to yellow, then to red when mature and are great for pickling or canning.  Hungarian hot peppers are medium hot, with heat scores that range between 5,000 and 15,000 Scoville heat units.

Hungarian Sweet

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Like the bell pepper, the Hungarian Sweet is fleshy and flavorful with no heat level. The  5- to 6-inch long tapered fruits ripen from green to yellow and then to red. They can be eaten at any ripeness stage, but are sweetest at the crimson stage. The 14 to 18 inch tall plants produce such a heavy crop of peppers that the plant can be broken by the weight of the peppers if they are not harvested regularly. Great for stuffing, frying or pickling,


Jalapeños are best harvested when green. They are hottest when they turn red and are fully ripe. Thick-walled, juicy, 2-3 inch peppers grow on stocky 2 foot tall plants produces such high yields of Jalapeno that the plants look like the branches will break or the plant will fall over. Excellent for making salsa or adding heat to cooked dishes.

This chili gained its world wide popularity by being versatile, beautiful and sweet tasting.  Jalapeños are best harvested when green and are hottest when they turn red and are fully ripe reaching 4,000-5,000 Scoville heat units.  Jalapenos averages 3” x 1 1/2” in size and taper to a blunt tip. Thick-walled, juicy , 2-3 inch peppers grow on stocky 2 foot tall plants produces such high yields of Jalapeno that the plants look like the branches will break or the plant will fall over.


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These early peppers are 4 inches long, tapered with a soft point.  They mature from green to yellow to red, and may be picked at any stage.  At the yellow stage the flavor is delicate and complex, with a hint of melon, mature red it is a mild pepper measuring  just 500 to 600 on the Scoville  scale. Use in salsas or sauces and are great roasted or grilled.
Disease tolerance: TMV strain Po (tobamovirus)


One of the most popular chiles in Mexico.  4½ inch long mildly hot peppers are medium walled, tapered to a blunt point, and wrinkled with dark green skin that turns a deep red color when mature. Known as Poblano when used fresh they are widely used for making chile rellenos and mole. Dried they are known as Ancho and often used in chili powder.  

Red Beauty

An early, prolific variety bearing very sweet 4” by 3 1/2” peppers with thick walls.  Glossy green fruit turns the most vivid fire-engine red when mature. Plants set fruit quickly and reach the mature green bell stage about 68 days after transplanting and  start to turn red about two weeks later. A good choice for slicing or stuffing. 

Red Bell

Beautiful, 4 inch, blocky, 3-4 lobed fruit is smooth with thick flesh. This pepper gets large and sweet and turns form a glossy green to a bright red right on the vine.  Thick, meaty walls make it ideal for slicing or adding color to a salad. The bright color of this pepper will make it a nice addition to your garden

Super Chili

Super Chili is highly productive, semi-compact plant which produces upward facing, cone-shaped fruit with a spicy flavor.  Many colorful peppers are held above the mounded foliage which grows to about 2’ tall.  The 2” long peppers turn from pale green to orange to red with all shades in between. Hot (35,000 to 40,000 Scoville units) use fresh or dried at any stage of maturity.

Sweet Banana

A highly productive, semi-compact upright plant that grows to about 20 inches tall. Super Banana produces a profusion of large, delicious banana shaped fruits measuring about 8 × 2 inches with a spicy flavor. Peppers turn from green to red when ripe. The fruit can be used when green and is great in salsas.  Use the mature red peppers to add color and flavor to salads and cooked dishes.


Huge 4" by 4"- fruits are smooth, sweet and full of flavor. The 4-lobed fruits have very thick walls and a sweet, juicy, crisp and tender flavor perfect for eating raw.  They hold up well for cooking or stuffing, remaining sweet, tender and juicy. The plants are sturdy and vigorous with luxurious foliage  which shields the fruit from sunscald.  Plants bear excellent yields. May require staking    


Plants produce a heavy yield of beautiful golden-yellow four lobed, blocky fruit that have an outstanding sweet, mild flavor. Young peppers start out a shiny, medium-green then mature to a gorgeous, bright yellow.  The thick walled peppers are excellent for salads, stuffing, and roasting on the grill.  Add color to salads or vegetable platters.


Howden Biggie Pumpkin

Howden Biggie combines large size, true  pumpkin shape and beautiful dark orange color. This carving pumpkin weighs in at 35-60 pounds.  It reaches up to 18’ wide and up to 26 inches high. The extra thick walls are perfect for creating Jack-O’-Lanterns. Expect great yields with this extra large variety.  The vigorous, long vines need room to grow and form very strong handles.


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If you think your garden is too small to plant pumpkins try this compact semi bushy variety.  Spirit Bush needs just 4-5 ft. of garden space. Ideal for the small garden this variety still produces beautiful 12" diameter pumpkins which are perfect for carving. This pumpkin is a good keeper and is also great for cooking and baking.


Honey Bear

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 ‘Honey Bear’s’ black-green fruits are smaller – the perfect “personal size.” 2 people can easily split one mature 1 lb squash.  The 2-3’ compact plant is bushy, rather than vining. It can even be grown in containers and small home gardens.  Bred to be baked and served in the half shell the squash’s thick, deep yellow flesh is dry and very sweet when cooked.


For something a little different in your garden this year, try this unusual winter squash! The 8-10 inch oblong fruit has a buttery yellow rind and stringy flesh that when cooked can be scooped out in strands resembling spaghetti.. For best results, boil the squash for 20 to 30 minutes or bake for 50 minutes. Cut in two, and scoop out the low carb spaghetti look alike. Serve the squash strands with your favorite tomato sauce and grated cheese. To store, cut from the vine and leave in the sun to cure for a day prior to storage. Squash can be stored for up to two months at room temperature. It only lasts for about two weeks in the fridge.


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This space-saving vine needs only about 6 to 8 feet of garden space. The yields of 3-4-pound squash are huge on these compact plants. These rounded, flattish persimmon-orange colored fruits are completely string-less. The creamy-sweet flavor is brought out well when the squash is baked, steamed, or even cooked in the microwave

Table Ace

An oval-shaped winter squash with a ribbed, dark green skin and bright orange flesh it is favorite fall vegetable that is delicious and easy to prepare. The autumn color of the flesh adds a festive touch when served with Thanksgiving dinner .Compact semi-bushy plants make it a good choice for a small garden. One of the tastiest acorn squash you can grow. Harvest before the first frost. Stores well in a cool well ventilated spot.

Yellow Straightneck

Also called yellow zucchini, yellow Straightneck is firm, smooth-skinned and small in size. Bush-like plants produce heavy yields of creamy yellow-skinned fruits with firm, delicate flesh. This fast-growing summer squash bears big crops even in small spaces and is highly productive even in hot weather.  Harvest when fruits are young and tender and about 4-6" long for best flavor and texture


A variety of summer squash that is very popular, easy to grow and fast maturing. Zucchini plants are compact bush type, bearing handsome, oblong, dark green fruits. Pick when 7 to 8 inches long for peak flavor. Grilled zucchini, halved and brushed with olive oil and garlic, makes for an easy summer side dish or slice and serve raw with dips.



Everbearing Ozark Beauty

Taste the best strawberries by growing you own. Ozark Beauty, produces large yields of sweet fruit in June and a second crop 6-8 weeks later. Enjoy the mouth-watering flavor right out of the garden but these large berries are also ideal for canning and freezing. The plants are ideal for containers, hanging baskets or in the garden.

Junebearing Honeoye

'Honeoye', produces large, bright, attractive shiny fruit with a firm flesh. The berries have a beautiful deep red color inside and out and ripen early mid-season. Vigorous and very productive plants bear over a longer period than most varieties. This berry is a good choice for fresh use, freezing and a good size for dipping in chocolate


Crimson Sweet

A beautiful green watermelon produced on spreading plants. Nearly round melons with thick, tough, medium-green rinds and dark green stripes and bright, rosy-red, crispy flesh.  Bottom side of watermelon turns from white to cream as it matures. Crimson Sweet has firm, fine textured flesh with few seeds, and is extra sweet. Bursting with juice this beauty grows to 25 pounds and is a great summer day treat.

Sugar Baby

Space saving, round melons average 8" across and are a perfect fit for your refrigerator.  Dark green, almost black melons have fine-textured, medium-red flesh and that unmistakable crisp, mouthwatering, sweet rich watermelon flavor. Vines grow to 6 feet and set 4-6 melons that average 10-12 pounds. Plant in raised rows or hills leave 3 feet between plants. Allow room for vines to run and make sure to water during hot, dry periods.