Homegrown Harvest

Nothing tastes better or is more rewarding than vegetables picked from your garden.  The excitement of picking that first ripe tomato, the smell and taste of a cucumber right from the garden or the aroma from the fresh basil. All make a vegetable garden fun and satisfying.  Homegrown Harvest plants are grown to very high standards to give you healthy vigorous transplants that will jumpstart your garden.  At Homegrown Harvest we pick the finest  seed varieties  available to provide you with the newest releases, proven standards along with wonderful time tested Heirlooms that have all the wonderful old world flavors. Homegrown Harvest plants are brought to the garden center ready to give you a head start on your harvest.

Homegrown Harvest has a great selection of tomatoes, vegetables and herbs.  Our plants are grown to suit your climate and growing conditions so you will not find all varieties in all parts of the country.  Only plants that are suited to your climate will be available in your area.  Pick the varieties that you already know and also try something new.  Plant Beefmaster or Big Boy tomatoes to top that just grilled hamburger.  Add a few LaRoma tomato plants to make homemade sauce.  Add a few cherry tomato plants for a sweet and healthy snack.  Plant a few squash and cucumber varieties and notice the difference in the wonderful homegrown taste.  Homegrown Harvest has loads of vegetables to choose from you’re sure to find many you have to have in your garden.  And don’t forget the herbs.  Try a few of these favorites in your garden, windowsill or on the patio:  sweet basil, oregano, parsley, chives and mint.  Picking fresh mint leaves for iced tea on a warm summer day or picking a few basil leaves for the tomatoes you just picked a few feet from the kitchen is one of the many joys of a garden.

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is healthy, economical, good for the environment and fun.  Our herb and vegetable plants are grown to help you do just that. Vegetables eaten right after you harvest them contain more nutrients than store bought that have been picked immature, transported to the store and then are sitting in the store until purchased.  Vegetables and herbs from your own garden are under your control.  You are in charge of producing your crop, you reap the rewards.

Enjoy your gardening experience and your Homegrown Harvest.

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